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In the spring Discover exuberant nature. Enjoy a restorative taste of the pre-season.

Since the half-term holidays, the island has donned brilliant colours. Shop signs have been repainted, bicycles have been cleaned, and at the slightest ray of light, people bask on the beach, still wearing a light jumper but thrilled to enjoy the beneficial sun. On the weekend, everyone makes the most of the opportunity to go on an outing or do some gardening, so long as they’re outside! The light imperceptibly begins to change, the trees and hedges grow new shoots, the birds become busy, and the potato fields have been hoed and are ready for sowing (and some are already dotted with green clumps). Pedestrians and cyclists change their pace, in less of a hurry to get out of the cold. People even have lunch outdoors, practically purring under the first rays of sun.
All the hallmarks of spring are there and, on the island, the first pan of new potatoes signals the return of spring!!!

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A weekend on the island of Noirmoutier

You've decided to spend your weekend on the island of Noirmoutier! With its typical landscapes, fine sandy beaches and must-see sites, the island is a haven of peace and tranquillity. And to make the most of your stay in the west of the Vendée, take advantage of our recommendations, prepared to satisfy every one of your desires. 

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Loisirs -  île de Noirmoutier - Trendz

A gourmet weekend

Fancy treating yourself during your weekend in Noirmoutier? The culinary specialities of the island of Noirmoutier are the perfect way to discover the island's heritage while indulging yourself. Here, your taste buds will be tickled by the exquisite flavours that are so special to the island of Noirmoutier. As well as the delicious dishes, you'll discover the riches of a unique terroir, where know-how and tradition are perpetuated to the delight of fine gourmets. 

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Restaurants sur île de Noirmoutier - Trendz

A weekend in nature

Like many people, you love wide open spaces, greenery, sandy beaches and landscapes as far as the eye can see? Can't get enough of watching the birds fly overhead, hearing the waves lapping on the beach or the seagulls flying by? The island of Noirmoutier is the ideal playground for your nature weekend. Fill up on positive energy and recharge your batteries in these typical Noirmoutier areas, where flora and fauna come together in perfect harmony to immerse you in an atmosphere of relaxation and serenity. You'll be amazed by every new discovery!

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Polder de Sébastopol - Barbâtre ©Office de Tourisme Ile de Noirmoutier-Vendée Expansion-Simon-Bourcier

a weekend of heritage discovery

Fascinated by heritage, culture and traditions? The island of Noirmoutier and its many historical legacies is a favourite destination for all history lovers. 
Take the time over a weekend to discover the imprint of a rich past that has left its mark on the rhythm and life of the island today. Through the island's architectural, agricultural, natural, artistic and, of course, maritime heritage, take the opportunity to discover the very special history of Noirmoutier, which has shaped many generations.

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Château médiéval Noirmoutier en l'île ©Trendz

A wellness weekend

Would you like to recharge your batteries during your weekend on the island of Noirmoutier? As well as a variety of relaxing landscapes, the destination offers a wide range of activities to help you recharge your batteries and get back into top form. On the menu: rest, calm and fulfilment! 

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Plage Barbâtre Dunes - Trendz

A must-see weekend

As we all know, a weekend goes by quickly and we often want to make the most of it, especially when it's our first time in the destination we've chosen. So to make the most of your time on the island of Noirmoutier, plan your stay around the must-sees you don't want to miss! 

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Balade vélo marais salant ©Quentin Boulegon

A weekend full of sensations

With 80km of cycle paths, an extensive coastline and a host of facilities at your disposal, it's hard not to take advantage of your weekend to try your hand at the many sporting activities on offer on the island. What if this break was the ideal opportunity to discover new activities, or improve your skills? Whether you're on your own or accompanied by the island's professionals, you're in for a thrilling weekend! 

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Wingfoil - Trendz

Initiate your children to sail to the pearl ponds

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Les Perles - Stéphanie Ducrocq

Enjoy Noirmoutier Island as a family

Discover a whole range of family-friendly activities and leisure: original tours on a tourist train or the horse-drawn Hippobus, crazy golf, laser tag, an escape room, a water park, beach clubs, sport lessons, an aquarium, horse riding, and the list goes on. Enough to amuse young and old and to brighten your stay on Noirmoutier Island.

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Balade aux moulins de la Guérinière en famille - Trendz


Discover our 5 hiking paths and explore the natural sites and landscapes of the island: salt marshes, dunes, forests, polders and more!

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Pinède Barbâtre ©Office de Tourisme Ile de Noirmoutier-Vendée Expansion-Simon Bourcier

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