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A wellness weekend A destination for relaxation, wellness and take care of yourself!

Would you like to recharge your batteries during your weekend on the island of Noirmoutier? As well as a variety of relaxing landscapes, the destination offers a wide range of activities to help you recharge your batteries and get back into top form. On the menu: rest, calm and fulfilment! 


Take care of yourself in a zen atmosphere and enjoy a moment of pure wellness, away from the hustle and bustle of the island. The spas on the island of Noirmoutier welcome you for a massage, a balneotherapy session, body and/or facial treatments... Enough to get you into the swing of things for a relaxing weekend on the island of Noirmoutier, as a couple or on your own. Sauna, hammam and jacuzzi are also available for a truly zen moment.


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Spa bien être Hôtel Ancre Marine ©Quentin Boulegon

Spa ©Quentin Boulegon


Solo or in small groups, the benefits of yoga are felt from the very first session. Whether you're jumping out of bed or on the beach, take advantage of the sunrise to give yourself a real break from your weekend. Leave stress and fatigue behind and take a deep breath of sea air with this soothing activity. Relaxation, breathing, concentration: all the ingredients are there to make you feel better!


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A walk in the fresh air

The unique landscapes of the island of Noirmoutier offer the perfect opportunity for a truly invigorating break. The many footpaths, fine sandy beaches and paths shaded by maritime pines are real vistas from which to reconnect with what really matters.

Take advantage of the calm and beauty of the surrounding countryside to take a deep breath and let yourself be carried away as you discover the area around Noirmoutier.


Our favourites for a wellness walk: 


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Balade ancien village du Vieil - Trendz.

Village of Le Vieil ©Trendz

Sharing a moment together

If "eating well is the beginning of happiness", eating well together is downright ecstatic! Hosted in one of the island's many restaurants, your gourmet break on the island of Noirmoutier will be a real moment of gustatory pleasure! Indulge yourself, take the time to discover, taste and be surprised by new flavours: this is the recipe for a truly authentic moment where your senses will be awakened. Our professional chefs will conjure up delicious dishes based on the island's local produce.


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Fruits de mer – bar à huîtres ©Office de Tourisme Ile de Noirmoutier - Vendée Expansion - Simon Bourcier

Oysters, prawns, shellfishes ©Office de tourisme île de Noirmoutier - Vendée Expansion - Simon Bourcier

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