Le sel de l'île de Noirmoutier

Our local products


A mild climate, nourishing sea and fertile land: Noirmoutier Island has what it takes to cultivate quality, flavourful products. You can find all the products of Noirmoutier directly at the producers’ sites, at market stalls and in the shops. All our local products from the land and the sea are certified with the “Flavours of Noirmoutier Island” (“Saveurs de l’île de Noirmoutier”) label.

"Les saveurs de l'île de Noirmoutier", Food association

From the south to the north of Noirmoutier island, discover the 4 production steps of the emblematic local products made by the 4 agricultural production cooperatives !


Discover the Oyster and the "Bouchot Mussles" farms, take a walk along the salt marshes and meet the salt producers. 

In the North, around Le Vieil village, discover the very famous Noirmoutier early potatoe (included the"Bonnotte") and its fields.

At the Herbaudiere port, take a walk near the fishing port, well know for these noble fishes and these shellfishes.


At every step of your trip, a tag text information is located at every agricultural production cooperatives in order to learn more about the typical food on Noirmoutier island. 


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The Noirmoutier Island’s land offers a sumptuous opportunity to the earth and the sea to mix  and create splendid products…
This fine alchemy can be tasted through five unmissable flavors. Ready for a tasty ride? 

On this land which breadth, at the narrowest point of the island, does not exceed a few hundred meters, where the ocean deeply soaks the marshes and polders, the match between the earth and the sea is of course celebrated all year long. The Noirmoutier Island’s soil, thanks to a gentle and pleasant climate, enjoys both these influences. The flavors we hope you’ll be tasting during your stay are also the fruits of a light and sandy ground spread on a granitic and acid soil with an underground reservoir filled with mineral salt. They finally, of course, benefit from the traditional savoir-faire of the Noirmoutier Island growers… 

Discover the white gold of Noirmoutier Island

On Noirmoutier Island, salt harvesting is an ancestral technique that has been passed down from generation to generation. To produce salt, it takes not only the salt maker’s talent, but also sun and wind. You can buy packets of salt directly from the salt makers at the salterns in the summer or from the salt cooperative all year round.

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Le sel de l'île de Noirmoutier


A local product par excellence, the oyster has always shared a great culinary history with Noirmoutier. The island’s oysters are known for their delicate flesh, meaty but not too much. The quality of the environment combined with the meticulous work of the oyster farmers guarantees a terrific end result.

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Huîtres et coquillages de l'île de Noirmoutier


A walk along L’Herbaudière’s fishing port or through the island’s markets is enough to awaken the sense of any love of fine cuisine. From the fish auction to your plate, the island’s fishermen and chefs do credit to the fish caught daily, skilfully sublimating the fresh products.

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Poissons de l'île de Noirmoutier

Taste the most marine potatoes!

On Noirmoutier Island, potatoes thrive in the particularly mild climate and the salty air. They grow in sandy earth, enriched by seaweed, which is where they get their unique flavour.

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Pommes de terre_Savourer


Noirmoutier Island’s oyster, salt and potato farmers, as well as its other artisans like confectioners and biscuit makers, are happy to share their know-how and their love of the island with you.

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Vente de produits locaux
Marchés gauche

Markets on Noirmoutier Island

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Marchés droite
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