Passage du Gois - lieu unique ©Trendz
Catamaran plage de la Bosse ©Quentin Boulegon
Balade à vélo - Le Vieil ©Quentin Boulegon
Balade au Polder de Sébastopol en amoureux Trendz
Dégustation huîtres ©Trendz
Beautiful bike rides

Slow down and explore the multiple facets of Noirmoutier Island by bicycle.

Reconnect with nature

Revive your taste for freedom on a naturally beautiful and preserved island.

Sweet & savoury treats

Between the nourishing sea and the fertile land, Noirmoutier Island has what it takes to delight anyone’s palate.

Explore the island Discover the secrets of the "rare island"

Explorez l’île de Noirmoutier Explorez l’île de Noirmoutier Explorez l’île de Noirmoutier
Stay on noirmoutier island
Evènement Bonne Nouvelle Comedy - Marie Reno ©Yann Boulic_0

great experiences

take advantage of our many events

Noirmoutier Island bustles all year long.
View our calendar for major events.

come to noirmoutier island

Nantes: 1½ hours
Bordeaux: 4½ hours
Paris: 5 hours

Nantes Train Station
La-Roche-sur-Yon Train Station


  • Nantes Atlantique
  • Saint-Nazaire
  • La Rochelle

Coaches departing from Nantes
and La Roche-sur-Yon

Gois Passage 3 hours by car from Mont-Saint-Michel
3 hours by car from Puy-du-Fou 4h30 by car from Bordeaux come to noirmoutier island
come to noirmoutier island
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