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In the summer Enjoy the hot days of summer as you relax on the beach. A multitude of activities and events await you.

Sunlight bursts forth, and sandals and t-shirts are back for good. It’s a time for swimming and ice cream, for picnics in the woods and extended cocktail hours outdoors. People meet, are reunited, and share the island, with everyone wanting to make sure they get their favourite spot. From Barbâtre to L’Épine by way of La Guérinière and Noirmoutier-en-l’Île, people scatter about on the beaches and at the ports, in small streets and along cycling trails. It’s the summer holidays and the programme of activities is jam-packed: a late breakfast with the family, a profusion of colours at the market, a long “lemonade break” at a sidewalk café, nibbles on the go, a nap and then the beach to tan or swim, a slow bicycle ride, exploring different spots on the island, or taking an educational tour, going sailing, playing tennis or pétanque, and the list goes on. In the evening, you’ll go to a nice little restaurant, followed by your choice of a street performance, a concert or fireworks, or else a barbecue with friends before hitting the dance floor. There’s nothing in particular that you have to do... except make a choice!

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Passer un week-end sur l'île de Noirmoutier

C’est décidé, ce week-end, vous le passez sur l’île de Noirmoutier ! Il faut dire qu’avec ses paysages typiques, ses plages de sable fin, ces sites de visite incontournables, l’île est un véritable havre de paix où il fait bon se retrouver. Et pour profiter au mieux de votre séjour à l’Ouest de la Vendée, profitez de nos recommandations, préparées pour satisfaire chacune de vos envies. 

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Loisirs -  île de Noirmoutier - Trendz

Initiate your children to sail to the pearl ponds

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Les Perles - Stéphanie Ducrocq

Enjoy Noirmoutier Island as a family

Discover a whole range of family-friendly activities and leisure: original tours on a tourist train or the horse-drawn Hippobus, crazy golf, laser tag, an escape room, a water park, beach clubs, sport lessons, an aquarium, horse riding, and the list goes on. Enough to amuse young and old and to brighten your stay on Noirmoutier Island.

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Balade aux moulins de la Guérinière en famille - Trendz


Discover our 5 hiking paths and explore the natural sites and landscapes of the island: salt marshes, dunes, forests, polders and more!

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Pinède Barbâtre ©Office de Tourisme Ile de Noirmoutier-Vendée Expansion-Simon Bourcier


Cycling around the island of Noirmoutier is the best way to discover unique secret spots while having fun. Follow our three cycling itineraries or find your own path, you will have a pleasant moment either way! Find all the information you need on cycle paths and bike rental on the island of Noirmoutier.

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Balade vélo marais salant ©Quentin Boulegon


Visiting the island of Noirmoutier in one day is possible thanks to the two routes that we have prepared for you, impossible to miss the places and key sites of the island.

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Plage de la Madeleine - Le Vieil ©Trendz


Engine noises, whistling rigging and slapping halyards: welcome to L’Herbaudière Port! It was the first marina built in the Vendée, but is also a lively fishing port and a pleasant place for a stroll with its souvenir shops, bars and restaurants.

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Port de l'Herbaudière ©Trendz

Savor oysters at Bonhomme Port

Dawn barely breaks before the slipway at Bonhomme Port begins to hum with the coming and going of tractors hauling flat-bottomed boats to the oyster farms just uncovered by the tide. Despite its unbeatable view of the town of Noirmoutier-en-l’Île, this miniature port on Bourgneuf Bay, would almost go unnoticed if it weren’t the island’s main oyster port.

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Port du Bonhomme la Guérinière ©Quentin Boulegon

Stroll in the historic center of Noirmoutier

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Château médiéval Noirmoutier en l'île ©Trendz


Past the center of Noirmoutier-en-l’Île, far from the hustle and bustle, you will come across a series of hamlets: La Claire, Le Vieil, La Madeleine and then, after Notre-Dame de la Blanche Abbey, La Linière. Everywhere are small white houses with blue shutters facing the south to expose their gardens to the sun and fill the air with the scents of their seasonal flowers. Take advantage of the calm village of Le Vieil to enjoy a peaceful walk through its narrow streets lined with charming fishermen’s houses.

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Village Le Vieil -Best Jobers Max Coquard

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