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A gourmet weekend The island of 1000 flavours

Fancy treating yourself during your weekend in Noirmoutier? The culinary specialities of the island of Noirmoutier are the perfect way to discover the island's heritage while indulging yourself. Here, your taste buds will be tickled by the exquisite flavours that are so special to the island of Noirmoutier. As well as the delicious dishes, you'll discover the riches of a unique terroir, where know-how and tradition are perpetuated to the delight of fine gourmets. 


The island of Noirmoutier boasts a wide range of local produce from both land and sea, all of which combine perfectly. Each chef offers his own cuisine and is keen to share his personal vision of Noirmoutier's culinary culture with you. Lunch or dinner at one of their restaurants means discovering a heritage and sharing a culinary journey, guided by your waiter.


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Restaurant île de Noirmoutier ©Trendz

Restaurants Noirmoutier island ©Trendz


Fishes, bouchot mussels, oysters, prawns or clams, caught by you or by the island's professionals, these flavours awaken your senses and let you enjoy the riches of the island. Grown according to time-honoured methods, oysters and bouchot mussels can be tasted directly at the maturing sites, where oyster and mussel farmers rise these local products.

Renowned for their finesse and distinctive taste, these delicacies are sure to leave a lasting impression on your gourmet weekend.


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Plateau huîtres fruits de mer - Port du Bonhomme ©Office de Tourisme Ile de Noirmoutier - Vendée Expansion - Simon Bourcier

©Office de tourisme île de Noirmoutier - Vendée Expansion - Simon Bourcier

Sweet and tasty patries

The specialities of the island of Noirmoutier are also found in the recipes of Noirmoutier families. Most of these skills have been passed down from generation to generation, and are shared with you by our local producers. An unconditional love of the island that you'll be able to sniff out as soon as you step into one of our professional restaurants, and take straight home to make the pleasure last. Cannery, brewery, cooperative, biscuit factory, confectioner, delicatessen... It's hard not to bring back a tasty local souvenir from your holiday!


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Flan maraîchin Noirmoutier - Trendz

Flans maraichins pastry©Trendz

La fleur de sel

Sun, wind and know-how are the essential ingredients for growing Noirmoutier salt. As well as offering exceptional panoramic views, the salt marshes are also the place where men and nature come together to produce the fleur de sel (the flower of salt), the island's culinary heritage.

During your visit with a passionate salt-maker, you'll be able to taste and even leave with your own bag of Noirmoutier Island salt, to take away with you the memories of an exceptional discovery. Its fine, iodised taste will season your dishes wonderfully, and will inevitably bring back memories of your stay on the island of Noirmoutier.


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Saunier qui récolte du sel ©Office de Tourisme Ile de Noirmoutier - Vendée Expansion - Simon Bourcier

 ©Office de tourisme île de Noirmoutier - Vendée Expansion - Simon Bourcier

Potatoes of Noirmoutier island

A symbol of the island of Noirmoutier, the potato holds a special place in the hearts of the people of Noirmoutier. The microclimate of the area, the sandy soil that warms the plants, and the expertise of the growers mean that these exceptional products with their unique flavour can be harvested.

Well-rounded and thin-skinned, the Noirmoutier potato stands out from the rest for its sweet flavour, especially the Bonnotte, the pride of the island, hand-picked every year in May.


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La pomme de terre primeur de l'île de Noirmoutier - JS Evrard

Potaties of Noirmoutier island ©JS Evrard

an overview of your gourmet weekend


day 1


Stroll around the local market.


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A visit to a local producer.


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Lunch: tasty meal at the restaurant or a home-cooked meal using local produce from the market.


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Take a bicycle ride on the "From Marshed to Mills".


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Visit a salt marshes.


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day 2 


Digging for shellfish.


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Lunch: home-cooked meal with shellfishes.


Ice cream or pastries, and a stroll in the Bois de la Chaise.

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Oyster tasting at Le Bonhomme oyster port.


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Enjoy a dinner prepared by an island chef.


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