Saison été

In the summer

Enjoy the hot days of summer as you relax on the beach. A multitude of activities and events await you.

Sunlight bursts forth, and sandals and t-shirts are back for good. It’s a time for swimming and ice cream, for picnics in the woods and extended cocktail hours outdoors. People meet, are reunited, and share the island, with everyone wanting to make sure they get their favourite spot. From Barbâtre to L’Épine by way of La Guérinière and Noirmoutier-en-l’Île, people scatter about on the beaches and at the ports, in small streets and along cycling trails. It’s the summer holidays and the programme of activities is jam-packed: a late breakfast with the family, a profusion of colours at the market, a long “lemonade break” at a sidewalk café, nibbles on the go, a nap and then the beach to tan or swim, a slow bicycle ride, exploring different spots on the island, or taking an educational tour, going sailing, playing tennis or pétanque, and the list goes on. In the evening, you’ll go to a nice little restaurant, followed by your choice of a street performance, a concert or fireworks, or else a barbecue with friends before hitting the dance floor. There’s nothing in particular that you have to do... except make a choice!

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Nous avons des suggestions pour vous

Water-based activities in Noirmoutier Island

Whether you are a beginner or a sailing enthusiast, interested in excursions at sea or thrills, there is something for everyone on Noirmoutier Island: sailing, centreboarders, kitesurfing, land yachting, kayaking, paddleboarding, jet skis, scuba diving, open sea excursions and fishing, water skiing, and boat hires and sales, for activities on the water suitable for the whole family.

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Activités nautiques


Visiting the island of Noirmoutier in one day is possible thanks to the two routes that we have prepared for you, impossible to miss the places and key sites of the island.

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Visite à la journée

Cycling the island of Noirmoutier

Browse the island of Noirmoutier by bike to find the secret corners and discover unique landscapes and preserved gently and having fun. Share a convivial moment thanks to this alternative transport. Discover our three cycling routes. Find all the information on bike paths and bike rental on the island of Noirmoutier.

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Noirmoutier - Page d'accueil


As you come to Noirmoutier Island, you will be surprised by the impressive number of windmills here. The island’s mills are ballet masters, elegant and romantic. Flocks of seagulls often come to salute their strange cousins with a tip of the wing. The mills too would love to still be playing with the wind, but they have lost their “wings”. But they still provide a faithful reminder of their millers and that bygone era.

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Les moulins de La Guérinière


Located at the entrance to Noirmoutier Island in Barbâtre, the Sébastopol Polder is a protected regional nature reserve. It is a meeting place for many scientists and other nature lovers. This nesting spot is terrific for birding and for outdoor walks with the family.

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Le Polder de Sébastopol

Romantic Noirmoutier Island

Noirmoutier Island welcomes lovers with its preserved scenery and its authenticity.

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En amoureux sur l'île de Noirmoutier

It's raining? Fantastic!

This morning, the sun gave way to the rain on Noirmoutier Island. Your day at the beach is out the window... to say the least. But don’t panic: a rainy sky doesn’t have to mean a gloomy day. We have selected a whole array of activities for you to enjoy in case of rain. Who has time to be bored? The day will go by before you know it. We can hardly wait for the next low-pressure day!

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Chic il pleut !

What to do with children on Noirmoutier Island ?

Noirmoutier Island is bursting with hidden treasures which sea dogs young and old will enjoy discovering together. Let our activities suggestions inspire you.

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En famille sur l'île de Noirmoutier

Follow the guide!

Listen to the tales of Noirmoutier Island. Explore the sites, heritage and natural resources of a preserved island, loaded with history. On land or by sea, on nature or history tours, with family, friends or as a couple, school groups or seminar participants, the island’s professional guides will lead you in your discovery.

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Visites guidées

Picnic in the fresh air

From Barbâtre to Noirmoutier, many picnic tables are scattered through the woods and the pine forests along the coast of the island. These outdoor facilities surrounded by nature are also great for snacks, party games with family or friends, napping or pétanque (bowls). Little ones can also enjoy the beach, under your watchful eyes.

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Aires de pique-nique île de Noirmoutier