Saison été

In the summer

Enjoy the hot days of summer as you relax on the beach. A multitude of activities and events await you.

Sunlight bursts forth, and sandals and t-shirts are back for good. It’s a time for swimming and ice cream, for picnics in the woods and extended cocktail hours outdoors. People meet, are reunited, and share the island, with everyone wanting to make sure they get their favourite spot. From Barbâtre to L’Épine by way of La Guérinière and Noirmoutier-en-l’Île, people scatter about on the beaches and at the ports, in small streets and along cycling trails. It’s the summer holidays and the programme of activities is jam-packed: a late breakfast with the family, a profusion of colours at the market, a long “lemonade break” at a sidewalk café, nibbles on the go, a nap and then the beach to tan or swim, a slow bicycle ride, exploring different spots on the island, or taking an educational tour, going sailing, playing tennis or pétanque, and the list goes on. In the evening, you’ll go to a nice little restaurant, followed by your choice of a street performance, a concert or fireworks, or else a barbecue with friends before hitting the dance floor. There’s nothing in particular that you have to do... except make a choice!

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Picnic in the fresh air

From Barbâtre to Noirmoutier, many picnic tables are scattered through the woods and the pine forests along the coast of the island. These outdoor facilities surrounded by nature are also great for snacks, party games with family or friends, napping or pétanque (bowls). Little ones can also enjoy the beach, under your watchful eyes.

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Aires de pique-nique île de Noirmoutier

Buy fresh, local produce at island markets

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Les marchés

Taste the most marine potatoes!

On Noirmoutier Island, potatoes thrive in the particularly mild climate and the salty air. They grow in sandy earth, enriched by seaweed, which is where they get their unique flavour.

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Pommes de terre_Savourer


A walk along L’Herbaudière’s fishing port or through the island’s markets is enough to awaken the sense of any love of fine cuisine. From the fish auction to your plate, the island’s fishermen and chefs do credit to the fish caught daily, skilfully sublimating the fresh products.

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Poissons de l'île de Noirmoutier

Discover the white gold of Noirmoutier Island

On Noirmoutier Island, salt harvesting is an ancestral technique that has been passed down from generation to generation. To produce salt, it takes not only the salt maker’s talent, but also sun and wind. You can buy packets of salt directly from the salt makers at the salterns in the summer or from the salt cooperative all year round.

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Le sel de l'île de Noirmoutier


Almost as soon as you cross the bridge, Barbâtre Forest to the west will capture your gaze. Planted with large maritime pines, the largest forest on the island runs alongside the beach, combining views of the sea with the pleasant scent of undergrowth where pine needles crunch underfoot.

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La forêt de pins maritimes de Barbâtre

Take out the landing nets, put on your boots and go fishing!

Noirmoutier’s beaches are particularly great for shellfish digging. These are terrific experiences to share with family or friends or just enjoy on your own, as you learn to observe and respect nature.

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Pêche à pied_header


Another facet of the island is the Bois des Eloux wood, with its maritime pines and its sandy paths, perfect for hiking, picnicking... and jogging!

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Le Bois des Eloux - île de Noirmoutier

Cross Gois passage

Check the tide times before crossing the Gois. In case of average coefficient, beyond 70, you can cross 1 hour and half before and 1 hour and half after low tide.  The Gois Passage is a mythical road between Noirmoutier Island and the continent, but also a talented transformist capable of appearing under two very different lights. Whether emerging or hidden, the Gois always has a theatrical flair... a continuous show that delights its spectators.

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Le passage du Gois



Installed on the sandstone north-east of Noirmoutier-en-l'Ile, sheltered from the westerly winds, this wood is pure ocean sweetness. It is distinguished by the variety of its Mediterranean essences: oaks, strawberry trees, maritime pines and mimosas flourish there in a very studied clutter. The painter Auguste Renoir was conquered by this inspired and inspiring place. Will you be as much as he?

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Le Bois de la Chaise - Noirmoutier