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A weekend in nature An unspoilt, natural island

Like many people, you love wide open spaces, greenery, sandy beaches and landscapes as far as the eye can see? Can't get enough of watching the birds fly overhead, hearing the waves lapping on the beach or the seagulls flying by? The island of Noirmoutier is the ideal playground for your nature weekend. Fill up on positive energy and recharge your batteries in these typical Noirmoutier areas, where flora and fauna come together in perfect harmony to immerse you in an atmosphere of relaxation and serenity. You'll be amazed by every new discovery!

the Sebastopol polder

Your journey into the heart of nature begins as soon as you arrive on the island. This Regional Nature Reserve of the Sebastopol polder is located in the town of Barbâtre, not far from the Gois passage, and has a rich and symbolic history. Flora and fauna enthusiasts and scientists alike come here to admire in their own way the many species that have made their home here and made the Sébastopol polder their cosy nest. A unique place to observe and a highly recommended hiking route for those who love rediscovering the pleasures of simple things.

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Observation oiseaux Polder de Sébastopol ©Office de Tourisme Ile de Noirmoutier - Vendée Expansion - Simon Bourcier

©Office de tourisme île de Noirmoutier - Vendée Expansion - Simon Bourcier

the salt marshes

The salt marshes on the island of Noirmoutier are part of the region's traditional heritage. Witness to an ancestral family know-how, the salt-makers work year after year to perpetuate the cultivation of salt and flower of salt, the white gold of Noirmoutier. The farms, made up of carnations, canals and ponds, can be visited from June to September, enlivened by the stories of passionate professionals. As you explore them, let yourself be transported by the warm colours that daylight casts over these vast expanses, and marvel at this rare natural panorama. 


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Marais Salant Epine ©Office de Tourisme Ile de Noirmoutier - Vendée Expansion - Simon Bourcier

©Office de tourisme île de Noirmoutier - Vendée Expansion - Simon Bourcier

The Gois passage

A passage shaped by men, sublimated by nature. In fact, it could symbolise the whole island of Noirmoutier. The Passage du Gois (Gois passage) is a unique causeway in the world, where the tides punctuate the comings and goings of locals and tourists alike. A grandiose spectacle where the colours of the day mingle with the blue of the sea to delight the eye. Whether covered or uncovered, many species of birds fly over this link between the mainland and the island, as if to admire this majestic tableau themselves. Before taking this route, be sure to check the tide tables to avoid being trapped by the rising waters, and thus having to deal with the shelters that line the cobblestones of the Gois.  


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Visite guidée Gois qui se recouvre- Céline Brochet

©Céline Brochet - Noirmoutier Visité Société Good'île

The Müllembourg marsh: nature reserve

Comprising Grand and Petit Müllembourg, this nature reserve is located very close to the historic heart of Noirmoutier-en-l'île. Home to marshes, it is also home to a large number of birds, whether passing through or living here. Many walkers enjoy watching them, as if fascinated by such migrations. This reserve is a treasure trove of nature on the doorstep of the bustling city. 


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Vue sur Marais de Müllembourg - Trendz


the Bois des Éloux wood

Situated on the highest point of the island, this maritime pine forest is the ideal place for lovers of hiking and walks in the fresh air. 

It's the perfect opportunity to enjoy your favourite activity in a peaceful spot, sheltered from the heat that some summer days can bring. Once you reach the top of the wood, you'll discover sumptuous landscapes, while admiring a wide panorama of the Atlantic, which seems to stretch on forever. Stop for a moment in one of the sandy paths to contemplate the flora and fauna around you, lulled by the gentle woodland scent. 


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Balade bois des Eloux ©Office de Tourisme Ile de Noirmoutier - Vendée Expansion - Simon Bourcier

©Office de tourisme île de Noirmoutier - Vendée Expansion - Simon Bourcier

Overview of your weekend in nature

the programme of your weekend in nature

day 1


Arrival on the island via the Passage du Gois.


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"Gateways to the island" walking trail and discovery of the Sébastopol polder.


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Oyster tasting at the Port du Bonhomme oyster port.


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day 2


"In the Footsteps of the Jacobsens" walking trail.


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Picnic at the Bois des Eloux wood.


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"From Marshes to Mills"" bicycling tour and a visit to a salt marsh.


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