Saison printemps

In the spring

Discover exuberant nature. Enjoy a restorative taste of the pre-season.

Since the half-term holidays, the island has donned brilliant colours. Shop signs have been repainted, bicycles have been cleaned, and at the slightest ray of light, people bask on the beach, still wearing a light jumper but thrilled to enjoy the beneficial sun. On the weekend, everyone makes the most of the opportunity to go on an outing or do some gardening, so long as they’re outside! The light imperceptibly begins to change, the trees and hedges grow new shoots, the birds become busy, and the potato fields have been hoed and are ready for sowing (and some are already dotted with green clumps). Pedestrians and cyclists change their pace, in less of a hurry to get out of the cold. People even have lunch outdoors, practically purring under the first rays of sun.
All the hallmarks of spring are there and, on the island, the first pan of new potatoes signals the return of spring!!!

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Engine noises, whistling rigging and slapping halyards: welcome to L’Herbaudière Port! It was the first marina built in the Vendée, but is also a lively fishing port and a pleasant place for a stroll with its souvenir shops, bars and restaurants.

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Port de pêche de l'Herbaudière - Noirmoutier

Savor oysters at Bonhomme Port

Dawn barely breaks before the slipway at Bonhomme Port begins to hum with the coming and going of tractors hauling flat-bottomed boats to the oyster farms just uncovered by the tide. Despite its unbeatable view of the town of Noirmoutier-en-l’Île, this miniature port on Bourgneuf Bay, would almost go unnoticed if it weren’t the island’s main oyster port.

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Port ostréicole du Bonhomme - île de Noirmoutier

Stroll in the historic center of Noirmoutier

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le cœur de Noirmoutier


Past the center of Noirmoutier-en-l’Île, far from the hustle and bustle, you will come across a series of hamlets: La Claire, Le Vieil, La Madeleine and then, after Notre-Dame de la Blanche Abbey, La Linière. Everywhere are small white houses with blue shutters facing the south to expose their gardens to the sun and fill the air with the scents of their seasonal flowers. Take advantage of the calm village of Le Vieil to enjoy a peaceful walk through its narrow streets lined with charming fishermen’s houses.

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Le Vieil - Noirmoutier

Have a relaxing break

Spas, beauty parlours, wellness therapists, somatologists, meditation workshops and more: put the expertise of the island’s professionals to use to help you decompress.

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Sporting activities

Tennis courts, equestrian centres, aquarobics and swimming classes, archery, pétanque (bowls), rollerblading, gyms, bicycle hires and more.

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Activités sportives sur l'île de Noirmoutier

Hire a boat, sailing boat, kayak or paddleboard

Wander the ocean with complete freedom on a sailing boat, motorboat, kayak, paddleboard, etc

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Location bateaux, voile, kayaks, paddles

Water-based activities in Noirmoutier Island

Whether you are a beginner or a sailing enthusiast, interested in excursions at sea or thrills, there is something for everyone on Noirmoutier Island: sailing, centreboarders, kitesurfing, land yachting, kayaking, paddleboarding, jet skis, scuba diving, open sea excursions and fishing, water skiing, and boat hires and sales, for activities on the water suitable for the whole family.

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Activités nautiques


Visiting the island of Noirmoutier in one day is possible thanks to the two routes that we have prepared for you, impossible to miss the places and key sites of the island.

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Visite à la journée

Cycling the island of Noirmoutier

Browse the island of Noirmoutier by bike to find the secret corners and discover unique landscapes and preserved gently and having fun. Share a convivial moment thanks to this alternative transport. Discover our three cycling routes. Find all the information on bike paths and bike rental on the island of Noirmoutier.

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Noirmoutier - Page d'accueil