Château médiéval Noirmoutier en l'île ©Trendz

a weekend of heritage discovery An island rich in cultural traditions

Fascinated by heritage, culture and traditions? The island of Noirmoutier and its many historical legacies is a favourite destination for all history lovers. 
Take the time over a weekend to discover the imprint of a rich past that has left its mark on the rhythm and life of the island today. Through the island's architectural, agricultural, natural, artistic and, of course, maritime heritage, take the opportunity to discover the very special history of Noirmoutier, which has shaped many generations.

"Musée des Traditions" museum

"Discover the past to understand the present": that's what this place steeped in history is all about. In nine rooms, you can explore the various worlds that have had a close impact on the island. Maritime heritage, salt production, traditional trades, agriculture, the island way of life: through these themes, immerse yourself in the island of Noirmoutier in the 19th and 20th centuries to interpret the atmosphere of today's territory.



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Musée des traditions de l'île de Noirmoutier

Musée des Traditions de l'île museum

L’Hôtel Jacobsen - MARITIME HERITAGE CENTRE museum

The Jacobsen family, merchants and shipowners of Dutch origin, are truly emblematic of the island of Noirmoutier. They settled in this private mansion in the 18th century, on the Place d'Armes in Noirmoutier en l'île. It is in this very special place that we now find 10 rooms exploring the island's maritime heritage, and the various influences of the sea on lifestyles past and present. Through the decorative arts, trade and exchanges, the formation of the territory, defence against the sea, the culture of risk and the seaside phenomenon, this hotel, recently restored and listed as a Historic Monument, will help you discover many secrets about Noirmoutier.



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Chambre Rouge - Hôtel Jacobsen © JS Evrard

LHôtel Jacobsen museum ©JS Evrard

the castle-museum

Inherited since the 12th century, the "Château-Musée" de Noirmoutier-en-l'île (castle-museum), a listed historic monument, is a powerful symbol of the Noirmoutier landscape. Originally a fortress, then a storage area for military equipment and finally a residence, its keep became a museum in 1905. It also boasts a breathtaking panoramic view over the island of Noirmoutier. 
There's also a fun exhibition for young and old alike!



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Chateau-musée médiéval Noirmoutier - Trendz

Château-Musée castle-museum ©Trendz

Discover the white gold of Noirmoutier Island

On Noirmoutier Island, salt harvesting is an ancestral technique that has been passed down from generation to generation. To produce salt, it takes not only the salt maker’s talent, but also sun and wind. You can buy packets of salt directly from the salt makers at the salterns in the summer or from the salt cooperative all year round.

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Sel île de Noirmoutier ©Trendz

Saint-Philbert church

Built at the end of the 11th century on the foundations of the former Benedictine abbey, founded around 674 by the monk Saint-Philbert, Saint-Philbert church, located opposite the Château, is the symbol of a unique cultural, architectural and historical heritage. You can discover its crypt, listed as a Historic Monument, in this heritage treasure trove on the island of Noirmoutier. 


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Eglise Saint Philbert © Angela

L’église Saint-Philbert church - Angela

le Noirmout’train, tourist mini-train

The tourist mini-train on the island of Noirmoutier takes you on a tour of the must-see spots in the north of the island. Thanks to three guided routes, you'll be able to find out all about the island's rich heritage, and discover the sumptuous landscapes that border it. Heritage, panoramic views and good humour: all the ingredients for an unforgettable discovery of the island of Noirmoutier!



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Balade commentée en petit train Noirmoutier ©Quentin Boulegon

Noirmout'train - Quentin Boulegon

the Blockhaus

The island of Noirmoutier is home to the remains of the Atlantic Wall, in particular the Tirpitz Battery, comprising 10 bunkers dating from the Second World War. The Atlantic Wall Memory association is responsible for preserving these bunkers, and also offers visitors the chance to see the R627 fire direction post. On the ocean beach at La Guérinière, nestling in the dunes, this blockhaus plunges you into a history rich in emotion.



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Derrière la porte d'un blockhaus - ©FDSF

Blockhaus ©FDSF

On foot

Treat yourself to a stroll through the heart of Noirmoutier-en-l'île, taking you step by step past the must-sees of the town and the island. Two signposted routes will allow you to enjoy the charm of the narrow streets, the beauty of the buildings and the unmissable sites to discover the historical, cultural and architectural heritage of this unique island.


discover the hiking trail path "hollyhock"

Discover the hiking trail path "in the footsteps of the jacobsens"

Quartier Banzeau ©Trendz

Quartier de Banzeau district ©Trendz

An overview of your weekend of heritage discovery

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