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Alternative Bio - Organic products shop

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La Guérinière


Isis and Mariano open Alternative BIO ("Organic Alternative"): a grocer's shop that we were all expecting and hoping for!
They are young and dynamic and get into this business with a good mood in a shop that many were waiting for on the island: an ORGANIC grocer's shop!

Isis, after studies that have driven him to Paris and Barcelone, after having met and married Mariano in Mexico, settled himself back on his childhood's island. As for both of them being raised in ecological and clean eating principles, they quickly found out that they were missing these everyday products that many use, themselves included. 
They therefore imagined and realised this concept that meets the requirements of many. And it is in the former Medical House (Maison Médicale) that they've just opened Alternative BIO.
They made everything by themselves: plaster, paintings and goods display stands out of salvage materials: very sober, bright and natural decoration.

Alternative BIO offers a huge choice of beautiful vegetables, but also entire ranges of products, many of them sold unpackaged: grains, liquids, soy sauce, vinegars, bicarbonate of soda, soap...
Plenty of surprises to discover, among them, candles, cosmetics, packaged fresh products (ham, sausages, soy steaks, soy sausages...), kefir, kombucha, teas, herbal teas, sulphite-free wines, coffe, original jams (Red kuri squash, mint and rhubarb...). 
It should be noted that we have herbal teas extracted from Kokopelli grains and even nettle vinegar!
Some dietary supplements, whose range will evolve according to demands and suggestions.
Staple products, but also original and delicious discoveries to be tried.

Located in Noirmoutier-en-l'île, rue de la Prée-au-Duc. Private parking in front of the shop. Open all year round, on Monday from 2pm to 7pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9:30am to 7pm. Closed on Sunday. In summer: open 7d/7.

Facebook page: Alternative BIO.