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In autumn Take advantage of the mild autumn weather to travel all over the island in peace and quiet. Disconnect from the real world during a stay by the sea.

Far from the noises of summer, everything now just encourages you to slow down. Drink in the last of the sun before it retreats, a breath of sea air before shutting yourself in, take a walk to stock up on good weather, with your beloved, your family or your friends. You can still strut your stuff with a drink outdoors or a barbecue on the weekend! Sea birds put on a show, now less easily startled with the renewed calm. For a real “serenity break”, watch them come and go as you sit facing the sea or lean on a pontoon. And the light... It’s softer but makes sunsets look like real works of art, pulling you down towards the beaches with their endless horizons... The time has come for a walk along the water, where you can still – for now – dare to go barefoot. Small children will squeal with delight as they break in their wellingtons in the marzelles (tide pools) or gallop up and down the foreshore. The promise of a snack with the family stimulates the taste buds. The ice cream vendor is still open... but you might prefer a waffle or a crêpe at this point!

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Romantic Noirmoutier Island

Noirmoutier Island welcomes lovers with its preserved scenery and its authenticity.

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What to do with children on Noirmoutier Island?

Noirmoutier Island is bursting with hidden treasures which sea dogs young and old will enjoy discovering together. Let our activities suggestions inspire you.

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Buy fresh, local produce at island markets

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A local product par excellence, the oyster has always shared a great culinary history with Noirmoutier. The island’s oysters are known for their delicate flesh, meaty but not too much. The quality of the environment combined with the meticulous work of the oyster farmers guarantees a terrific end result.

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A walk along L’Herbaudière’s fishing port or through the island’s markets is enough to awaken the sense of any love of fine cuisine. From the fish auction to your plate, the island’s fishermen and chefs do credit to the fish caught daily, skilfully sublimating the fresh products.

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Our local products

A mild climate, nourishing sea and fertile land: Noirmoutier Island has what it takes to cultivate quality, flavourful products. You can find all the products of Noirmoutier directly at the producers’ sites, at market stalls and in the shops. All our local products from the land and the sea are certified with the “Flavours of Noirmoutier Island” (“Saveurs de l’île de Noirmoutier”) label.

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Almost as soon as you cross the bridge, Barbâtre Forest to the west will capture your gaze. Planted with large maritime pines, the largest forest on the island runs alongside the beach, combining views of the sea with the pleasant scent of undergrowth where pine needles crunch underfoot.

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First beaches, first sandcastles, first swim!

Whether you would rather relax on the beach, dig for shellfish or engage in a sport, and whether you’re dreaming of a cove or a long stretch of fine sandy beach, depending on the breeze blowing across Noirmoutier Island, there is always a little slice of sheltered paradise and a beach just waiting for you!

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Take out the landing nets, put on your boots and go fishing!

Noirmoutier’s beaches are particularly great for shellfish digging. These are terrific experiences to share with family or friends or just enjoy on your own, as you learn to observe and respect nature.

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Another facet of the island is the Bois des Eloux wood, with its maritime pines and its sandy paths, perfect for hiking, picnicking... and jogging!

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