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Simonin Sail-loft - made to measure shade sails

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Sail-loft and manufacturing of shade sails ... Shade sails derive from the meeting between architects and sailboats. They create aesthetic shade by the delicacy of their curves. They cut the straight lines and perpendiculars of the terraces and create drawings on the houses' walls. The outside shade sails are hoisted by riggings passing in pulleys attached to pitons. They disassemble and step aside in their bags in five minutes. They are used like parasols. Placed by two, the smallest sail stays rooted as the other one can be folded on itself in order to be used at the right time. They can be designed to separate a room, to cut the too-high volume under a ceiling and can be used inside or outside. The fabric used is a LATIN acrylic of 300 grs that offers a range of 120 colours, thus allowing you to match your house and your sail's colours.
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