Comment venir-sur l'île
Come to Noirmoutier Island

By car / Motorcycle / Bicycle

Located in the Vendée, just an hour away from Nantes, Noirmoutier Island is easy to reach by road.


The Noirmoutier Bridge connects Barbâtre to the continent at Fromentine (La Barre des Monts). It is open 24/7. There is no toll.
Noirmoutier Bridge also has a bike lane.
Getting here via Noirmoutier Bridge

Venir par le pont de l'île de Noirmoutier

Bridge of Noirmoutier Island - Alexandre Lamoureux

VIA THE GOIS PASSAGE The Gois Passage, a sometimes flooded road, that stretches more than 4 km between Barbâtre and Beauvoir-sur-Mer, can only be taken at low tide.
If you want to take this route, first check the tide tables to see when you’ll be able to cross.
You can reach the island via the Gois from 90 minutes before to 90 minutes after low tide.



Le passage du Gois mi-immergé mi-découvert - Pascal Beltrami

Gois passage - Pascal Beltrami


Do you want to come in Noirmoutier island for 1 day, 1 weekend or a few weeks ? Think about carpooling or "Blablacar" !


You will save money, preserve environment and share the journey with nice people !


The Noirmoutier island has some areas dedicated to carpooling :

  • Barbâtre (entrance to the island) : Aire de la pointe de la Fosse, rue de la Pointe (25 places available) 
  • La Guérinière (The centre of the island) : Aire de Parking des Pinsonnières, Pré Brochet (20 places available)
  • Noirmoutier en l'île (The northern island) : Aire de l'Étier du Moulin, D948 (24 places available) 

Passage du Gois © JS Évrard