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Come to Noirmoutier Island

By boat

    Pornic - Noirmoutier maritime ferries

    Ferries 2021 : There are small ferries between Pornic and Noirmoutier island every days between the 3rd July and the 29h august. Experiment and enjoy a great journey and  day trip in Pornic, a lovely 19th century seaside resort, located near the Noirmoutier island. 


    You can book at our tourist information office or the tourist information office of Pornic (number of tickets limited).


    Ferries timetable
    - Departure 9h Pornic - Arrival 10h Noirmoutier

    - Departure 10h30 Noirmoutier - Arrival 11h30 Pornic


    - Departure 18h Pornic - Arrival 19h Noirmoutier
    - Départ 19h15 Noirmoutier - Arrivée 20h15 Pornic

    île de Noirmoutier : Herbaudière's harbour
    Pornic : Noëveillard's harbour
    Journey time : around 1h 


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    Traversée Pornic Noirmoutier